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Foundational ETFs

Low-Cost ETFs Build Big-Time Wealth

Investing is an art as much as it is a science.

The science is figuring out the puzzle pieces, the art is putting them together correctly.

After 30+ years of independent investment research, we have it nailed.

+ 15 % / Year

Fund Aim

+ 20 % / 2023 YTD results

High Win Rate

$ 29 / a Month


It’s damned hard to beat the broad market, even for pros. So start with the assumption that if you do it, you’re taking too much risk or… have the right market research.

Keep it simple. Fire and forget. If you were to only do one thing for your portfolio, this would be your one thing.

Foundational ETFs is so elegant, so simple, and so lucrative over time.

Price: $299 / year -- or $29 / month

So what comes with Foundational ETFs?

What you get

3-4 index funds that can form the large, solid base of your entire portfolio. Daily market commentary summarizing the events of the day. And an insanely successful string of leveraged Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) trade recommendations. 

When you get it

5x a week. Learn of key technical and news developments in markets and your funds. During market downturns, learn when to add to your positions.

Why you want it

52% of all wealth created in the stock market in the last 100 years came from just 72 companies. This covers them all and is your baseline for driving wealth.

Are you new to trading? This is your product.

This is your set-it-and-forget-it part of your portfolio. This product will get you acquainted with the market while also making sure you are capitalizing on the 3% of stocks that account for 52% of all the gains over the last 100 years.

Get familiar with the trench warfare of the markets, where Bulls charge with optimism and Bears blockade with caution, our daily commentary slices through the chaos like a seasoned trader's blade. This isn't your run-of-the-mill market babble. It's a potent mix of wit, wisdom, and Wall Street wizardry, crafted to sharpen your mind in the art of trading.

Imagine the market as a battlefield, incessantly echoing with the clashing swords of bulls and bears. We're here not just to narrate the battle but to train you in the art of financial combat. Our insights are your armor, our experience, your strategy.

In the world of Markman, we don't just play the game; we see through it. Remember, most stocks are financial landmines, and diversification is merely a smokescreen that dulls the sheen of true fortune. Here, we value the sniper's focus over the scattergun approach. 

As your market mentor, we'll drill you into the tactics that count: risk management, not elimination; precision analysis, not blind diversification. Because in this market warzone, clarity isn't just king – it's the entire kingdom. So gear up, get smart, and let's outmaneuver the market mayhem together. Welcome to Markman Capital, where we turn market chaos into your strategic advantage.

Are you a seasoned pro looking for an ETF portfolio for you and your client's portfolios? This is your product. 

Only 3% of stocks account for 52% of all stock market wealth creation. You have seen this elsewhere on our website and it's repeated for a reason. It’s true and simple to capitalize on. 

The 3% are largely the companies behind the Great Digital Transformation. The Tech titans. The Magnificient 7. But it’s more than that. And this series of evolving ETFs captures all of those companies in this space. 

This is your broad spectrum diversification portfolio; the only difference is that we focus on ETFs that outweigh the stocks that are creating the gains. 

Expect to perform better than the market year after year. Our selection of ETFs only keeps the winners, dumping the losers.

This is your 60% of your portfolio solution.

What do you get?

We’ll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain terms.

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Member-Only AMA

Access to an exclusive portal where you can ask Jon anything!

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Easy, Awesome, Daily Guidance

Learn how the pros think of the market and how to build the foundation of your portfolio. We don’t just teach you to fish – we also hand you the freakin’ fish!

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Vibe of the Market

Tap into our unique daily analysis of news and sentiment to improve your trading win rate and understanding of the fast-changing world of global finance. Knowledge is power.

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😜 PLUS, you get

Up to 20
market updates a month!

Recent Trades

We’ll step aside while we let the results speak for themselves

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+ 153 %


+ 167 %

Cadence Design

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Pool Corp

+ 60 %

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Advantages of Foundational ETFs Strategy

Easiest way to get started with trading or to maximize your gains within the foundation part of your portfolio

Daily Market Summaries

Stay in your lane with unswerving focus on the S&P 500 (SPY)

High Win Rates

Take a faster road to riches by losing less and gaining more as the foundation of our portfolio is backed by hard data science. 

15% Annual Portfolio Growth

No guarantees of course, but aiming for around 1.5% gains per month over time will accelerate your path to the life of your dreams.

Build Income For Now and Wealth For later – in Minutes a Day

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🤟 The bomb aka that big ol Markman bundle

Want the perfect portfolio?
Get our Big Ol’ Markman Bundle, aka The BOMB!

All this for $604 $500/month

That’s a savings of over 20% off the combined subscription price when paid annually

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Foundational ETFs
Baseline for building wealth and daily market update
$29/ Month
Digital Creators & Consumers
Flagship service explains Wall Street and recommends the 3% of stocks that don't suck
$75/ Month
Digital Leverage
Leveraged trading creates income for now and boosts nest eggs for later
$200/ Month
Digital Futures
This is our touch of spice, the vehicle to drive way larger returns much more quickly.
$300/ Month