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Foundational ETFs

Keep it simple.
Fire and forget.
If you were to only do one thing for your portfolio, this would be your one thing. Daily Market updates and our '60% of your portfolio' solution.

$29299 / Monthly

Flagship Service
Digital Creators & Consumers

This is the letter that has created hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of readers. Portfolio and deep dives of companies creating or utilizing the digital transformation.

$75750 / Monthly

High Impact
Digital Leverage

Amplify Your

Empower your
trades with our
proprietary data
and A.I. insights.
5x a week
trades on options.

$2002000 / Monthly

Most Aggressive
Digital Futures

In the high-octane world of futures trading, leverage is king – and so are the risks. It's a playground where the brave reap rewards. 5x a week trades on futures.

$3003000 / Monthly

😍 Best Value

Achieve financial freedom and create income for now

and generational
wealth for you
and your family for later. This is all of our best stuff.

$5005000 / Monthly

Product Focus

Core index funds that are overweighed in the 3% of stocks that created the majority of gains over the last 100 years for a solid portfolio base

Fast-growing tech companies driving digital transformation. Invest in the 3% of stocks directly.

Leveraged ETFs and options for quick returns. Income for now approach

Proprietary futures trading for high leverage returns and income for now.

All-inclusive investment strategy bundle

Portfolio Percentage





100% The 'Perfect Portfolio.' A complete financial solution

Frequency of Insights

5x a week

Up to 5x a week

Weekly updates + 2-5x trades/week

0-5 trades/day, visible EOD

All benefits combined, maximum frequency

Key Benefits

Covers top wealth-driving companies.

Supercharge returns with key players who are driving the Digital Transformation.

Higher risk, higher reward trading

Access to highly leveraged and proprietary futures

Comprehensive access to all investment layers

Type of Investments

Index funds

Individual stocks of the companies who are creators and users of the Great Digital Transformation

Leveraged ETFs, near-month options


All investment strategies covered for maximum gains

Proprietary Tools/Data

Market commentary

Tech analysis, portfolio strategies

Proprietary trading signals

Quantitative models with a human touch

Full access to all tools and data

Pricing Options

$299/year or $29/month

$750/year or $75/month

$2000/year or $200/month

$3000/year or $300/month

$5000/year or $500/month

Special Features

Daily market summaries

In-depth tech sector analysis

Short-term high-leverage trades

Exclusive broker access, 360-degree market view

Includes all special features and benefits of the other letters plus a welcome gift, exclusive access to a broker that can trade all of our strategies on your behalf, first access to anything new we launch.

Risk Level



Moderate to High


Balanced across all products


30 Day, no questions asked refund

30 Day, no questions asked refund

30 Day, no questions asked refund

30 Day, no questions asked refund

30 Day, no questions asked refund

* Not guaranteed. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Let's hear from a few of the 1,000s that have already joined the Markman Capital Family

I've been following Jon since the late 90's. Been through MANY newsletters in that time but I have always stayed with Jon. He combines clear, concise writing with good investment advice. If I had to describe his work in one word, I would say "reassuring"

Rich B. Rich B.

You guys financed my first house!

Andre P. Andre P.

I don't thank you, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your Dec 11th call to pick up SMCI!! My gains are I picked up a large bucket (for me) at an average cost of $296 and it sits at $985 right now. WOW!

Bob B. Bob B.

When one finds a firm with a staff that
really cares about you and your
investments, it just feels good. I have found that feeling with Markman Capital Insight, they definitely are helping me to become a smarter investor.

Keith K. Keith K.

You have made me a lot of money!

Glenn B. Glenn B.

I have bought the stocks on your list, such as ARM and super microcomputer and CDNS. I made north of 400k, so thanks for that.
I have followed many newsletters over the years and most are crap, your is a winner, thanks!

Martin W. Martin W.
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