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Digital Futures

Futures trading program

This is a limited-release futures trading program. We will only sell 14 subscriptions at a time. This is the professional-grade future's program, retail investors have been waiting for. 

+ 150 % / Year

Fund Aim

+ 220 % / 2023 Results ytd

High Win Rate

$ 300 / Month


In the high-octane world of futures trading, leverage is king – and so are the risks. It's a playground where the brave reap rewards, but only if they dodge the pitfalls. Our game-changing risk management system is designed to push the throttle on gains while slamming the brakes on losses. 

Team up with our handpicked futures wizards (Designated brokers). They’ll guide you through the twists and turns of trading indices, currencies, energy, and metals. Just bring a minimum of $25K to the table.

Our target? A 150% climb in 12 months.

Futures Trading Across Indices, Treasuries, Currencies, and Commodities.

Price: $3,000 / year or $300 / month.  (This is a limited, introductory price)

Our 'complete portfolio' approachrecommends putting 10% of your portfolio in this service

Play bold, but play smart. Welcome to the big leagues.

What you get

Introduction to pro futures trader authorized to trade our model. Money is held at the designated broker and traded in a personal account visible at end of day to members. 

When you get it

Authorized broker trades 0 to 5 per day on our signals. Most trades closed EOD.

Why you want it

Quantitative model with a human touch goes long or short, 0 to 15 x per week, allowing members to have 360-degree to market developments around the clock.

About the system

Our system trades intraday options, this is so we can operate with more leverage when compared to overnight trades.

When we say this is for the big dogs only we mean it. We will be releasing limited spots, 14 at a time. First chances are given to ‘The BOMB,’ subscribers. Once the round is full it’s full. All rounds are at one price. Want to skip the line? Buy The BOMB.

Our reader’s portfolios are large enough to move the needle with each of our trades. This means we have to be purposefully restrictive on access to a program like this, making sure our trades stay profitable.

For long-time subscribers –

Do you remember our service called Magnitude from 2015? Do you remember how lucrative that was? When we lost that system, Jon was deeply unsettled. As someone dedicated to uncovering and disseminating the truth, He has been tirelessly searching for another program that performs similarly to his famous futures program Magnitude.

It took 8 years of Jon searching, testing, and ultimately finding a service that is as reliable and lucrative as Magnitude* was.

And what makes this service better than Magnitude is that there are no more overnight holds, no more doubling and then tripling down on positions as the price sinks. We know this kept a lot of our subscribers up at night. Hell… Jon barely slept for those couple of years. 

This service has been a long time coming, and rest assured your sleep is all but guaranteed.


*Results are in no way guaranteed. Past results are no guarantee of future returns. All accounts may not achieve comparable results. Recommendations are leveraged and speculative, so only use risk capital -- i.e., money you can afford to lose. All results show ex-commissions and fees. Options trading involves the risk of substantial loss. 

What will you get?

We’ll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain terms.


Access To Our Preferred Brokerage

Once purchased you will be introduced to our preferred brokerage. Money is hosted at Interactive Brokers and we use Stone X as the trading platform.

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Expert Analysis Specifically For

Market Sector: Indices, Treasuries, Currencies, Commodities

Markets Traded: ES, MNQ, YM, RTY, TY, US, EC, BP, GC, CL

😜 PLUS, you get

Up to 60 Trade
Alerts a Month!

A return Aim of 150% per year.

Recent Trades

We’ll step aside while we let the results speak for themselves

+ 91 %

UpstartHoldings (UPST)

+ 83 %

Freeport-McMoran (FCX)

+ 66 %

Royal Caribbean

+ 55 %

Lockheed Martin

+ 49 %

Walmart In (WMT)

Build Income For Now and Wealth For later – in Minutes a Day

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🤟 The bomb aka that big ol Markman bundle

Want the perfect portfolio?
Get our Big Ol’ Markman Bundle, aka The BOMB!

All this for $604 $500/month

That’s a savings of over 20% off the combined subscription price when paid annually

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$300/ Month