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“Big Ol’ Markman Bundle”

The Blueprint for Tomorrow's Wealth

Get all of our trading services at a single, steal of a price.

+ 325 % / Year

Fund Aim

100 %

Portfolio Plan

$ 500 / Month


Short-term gains for now coupled with generational wealth for later.

Friends, I have tried every investment and trading strategy over the past 40 years so you don’t have to. I’ve made a bunch of a money and lost a lot less. The BOMB is everything that WORKS!

Throw out 97% of stocks because most companies are self-centered, stupid and dangerous.

Stick to growth over value. Stick to tech over other sectors, especially when it’s under attack. Stick to techs focused on the great digital transformation because it is the most profound business development of our lifetimes. And stick to the USA because the rest of the world is wildly corrupt.

Now my team and I are not estate planners, but decades of observation and experience lead us to recommend that you set a firm foundation of index funds in your portfolio because it is damned hard to beat the market no matter how clever you think you are. Individual stocks, leveraged ETFs, options, and futures can add valuable spice to a portfolio in small doses, but they cannot be the whole meal due to the high risk of wipeout losses.

The first rule of investing, after all, is to avoid losing. The second rule is to avoid losing big. Heed the guidance of legendary banker Walter Wriston:  “Capital goes where it is most wanted and stays where it is best treated.”

Here is what you get:

  • Foundational ETFs
    • It’s hard to beat the broad market, even for the pros. This ETF portfolio overweighs the 3% of stocks that produced 52% of all the gains in the stock market the last 100 years.
    • Keep it simple. Fire and forget. If you were to only do one thing for your portfolio, this would be your one thing.
  • Digital Creators & Consumers
    • Now it’s time to double up on the 3% of stocks that create 52% of all the gain. This service dives in and guides you to these stocks.
    • This is our Flagship service, this letter that called the great financial collapse of 2008, this letter got its readers into Nvidia in 2011 & again in 2014, this letter has made millions of dollars for 1,000s of people. This letter is for you.
    • Invests in fast-growing, makers and users of digital transformation software, hardware, and services. 
  • Digital Leverage
    • Leverage is what sets apart retail investors from the pros. now you can harvest those sweet leveraged gains from wherever you trade from. 
    • Digital leverage combines our 30+ years of experience in the digital transformation niche and our A.I. -- trained on our proprietary data sets -- to crank out new trades.
    • This service turns your nest egg into an actual golden goose*
  • Digital Futures
    • In the high-octane world of futures trading, leverage is king.
    • Limited released spots maximize earning potential
    • Digital Futures turns your golden goose into a key unlocking financial freedom, ensuring your family's security, and opening doors to endless vacations, joyous family moments, and the ultimate luxury—mastering your own time.*

Bonus exclusively for BOMB subscribers

    • Once a month 'Office Hours' with Ben, our lead professional trader!
    • Access to a designated broker that can trade Digital Leverage and Digital Futures on your behalf.
    • Guaranteed access to our Digital Futures service
    • Access to everything we launch first
    • Library of Trade Protocols ( coming soon)
    • "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator – Annotated Edition” -- Our free welcome gift.

*Results are in no way guaranteed. Past results are no guarantee of future returns. All accounts may not achieve comparable results. Recommendations are leveraged and speculative, so only use risk capital -- i.e., money you can afford to lose. All results show ex-commissions and fees. Options trading involves the risk of substantial loss.

What will you get

We consider this to be the perfect portfolio. It's the best we got from over 30+ years experience. This is the no more worries bundle, the one that covers all your bases.

And... It's 20% off when compared to buying individually!

  • Daily

    • • Market updates from Foundational ETFs
    • • Never ending loop trade of QQQ from Digital Creators & Consumers
    • •Leveraged trades from Digital Leverage
    • • Futures trades from Digital Futures
  • Weekly

    • Twice a week deep dives from Digital Creators & Consumers
    • Market Analysis from Digital Leverage
  • Monthly

    • 'Office Hours' from our seasoned pro Ben.

What do you get with The BOMB?

We’ll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain terms.


Exclusive access to a trading concierge

A pro broker who can trade Digital Leverage and Digital Futures on your behalf

Marlin_corrected_no_bg Fish_transparent

Easy, Awesome, Daily Guidance

We don’t just teach you to fish – we also hand you the freakin’ fish!

noun-hang-loose-91811-white BearVsBulls_transparent_corrected

Vibe of the Market

$12,000 value per year

Talking_transparent Microphone_transparent

Once a month 'Office Hours'

Live chat with a professional trader. Have technical questions? Want specifics? This is the place. 

🤑 PLUS, you get

Up to 80 Trade
Alerts a Month!

Advantages of our Trading Strategies

Invest in Options with more Confidence 

Expert Analysis

What you have is the best

Access to +250% returns a year

These numbers put you on the beach faster than you can say Mai Tai

Automated Trading

You trust the process, make your dream a reality automatically.

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🤟 The bomb aka that big ol Markman bundle

Want the perfect portfolio?
Get our Big Ol’ Markman Bundle, aka The BOMB!

All this for $604 $500/month

That’s a savings of over 20% off the combined subscription price when paid annually

Plus Icon
Foundational ETFs
Baseline for building wealth and daily market update
$29/ Month
Digital Creators & Consumers
Flagship service explains Wall Street and recommends the 3% of stocks that don't suck
$75/ Month
Digital Leverage
Leveraged trading creates income for now and boosts nest eggs for later
$200/ Month
Digital Futures
This is our touch of spice, the vehicle to drive way larger returns much more quickly.
$300/ Month