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Digital Creators & Consumers

The Digital Transformation: Investing in the Architects of Tomorrow

Embark on a financial journey with the letter that has been pioneering the digital wealth wave for 25 years It's not just about the stocks—it's about owning a part of the companies that are the backbone of the digital transformation. Claim your share of the digital era's spoils with our precise, powerful analysis

+ 40 % / Year

Fund Aim

+ 66 % / 2023 Results

Fund Growth Last Year

$ 75 / Month


Our flagship letter, 25 years strong, formerly known as the ‘Strategic Advantage.’

This is the letter that has created hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of readers. This is the letter that has been talking about the Great Digital Transformation since the late 90s. It’s the letter that called the great financial collapse of 2008 in 2007 before it happened. It’s the letter that had its members investing in Nvidia in 2011. And more recently it’s the letter that was investing in AI stocks in 2017 and called the yearly low of the market to the day for the last two years.

This is your guide to staying ahead of Wall Street, your secret weapon, and your Strategic Advantage. 

With Foundational ETFs, we invested in ETFs that covered the 3% of stocks that created 52% of the wealth gained in the last 100 years. Now with Digital Creators and Consumers, we invest in these companies directly. Let’s own these star-studded, moat-enjoying companies that are shaping the future.

Invest in fast-growing, makers and users of digital transformation software, hardware ,and services.

Price: $750 / year – or $75 / month

The Digital Creator & Consumer portfolio gained 65.44% in 2023.

We recommend allocating 20% of your investment portfolio to this service

What you get

Portfolio, analysis and timing of up to 15 amazing companies like Nvidia and Broadcom that are driving the digital revolution.

You also get twice a week deep dives into the companies creating the tech and the companies utilizing that same tech

When you get it

Up to 3 times per week (e.g.Tuesdays & Thursdays). 2x/week.

Why you want it

Stay up to date and make a fortune on technology that’s changing the world and on the companies best using it.

These are the 3% of stocks that do not suck.

What will you get?

We’ll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain terms.

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Member-Only AMA

Access to an exclusive portal where you can ask Jon anything!

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Deep Dive Reports + Recommendations

Up to 2 days a week, the report includes a fresh, provocative, fascinating study of a technology or market development that will help you either profit or avoid losses.

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Portfolio Tracking

Up to 15 stocks that are shaping the future. The portfolio is divided into watching, short-term holdings and long-term 'core' holdings. 

🤑 PLUS, you get

Up to 10 Trade
Alerts a Month!

Recent Trades

We’ll step aside while we let the results speak for themselves

+ 243 %


+ 153 %


+ 167 %

Cadence Design

+ 98 %

Pool Corp

+ 60 %

Pro Logis

Advantages of Trading Digital Creators & Consumers Strategy

Stay confidently up to date with the markets

Expert Analysis

Never have to worry about your portfolio again! We are watching it like a hawk. 

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Letters delivered via both text and email. 

High Fund Growth

This portfolio was up 66% in 2023.

Build Income For Now and Wealth For later – in Minutes a Day

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Want the perfect portfolio?
Get our Big Ol’ Markman Bundle, aka The BOMB!

All this for $604 $500/month

That’s a savings of over 20% off the combined subscription price when paid annually

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Digital Creators & Consumers
Flagship service explains Wall Street and recommends the 3% of stocks that don't suck
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