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Digital Leverage

Amplify Your Earnings

Empower your trades with our proprietary data and A.I. insights. Our service, previously known as 'Tactical Options,' provides you with the expertise to select optimal ETF and stock options for potential short-term gains of +40% to +80% over periods of 1 to 10 days

+ 120 % / Year

Fund Aim

+ 61% % / 2023 YTD results

High Win Rate

$ 200 / Month


What happened when we combined our vast, proprietary data set and applied it to leveraged options? You get a money machine.

Formerly known as ‘Tactical Options,’ this service allows you to trade like the pros, on leveraged ETF and stock options. These are our best ideas, with just a touch of spice. 

Our motto is ‘Risk Rewarded,’ because without some risk, there will be no reward. Digital leverage combines our 30+ years of experience and our own AI-- using proprietary data -- sets to crank out new trades on the companies creating the most wealth for investors.

This service turns your nest egg into an actual golden goose (golden goose not included with purchase).

Trade leveraged tech ETFs and stocks, and call/put options of large stocks.

Price: $2000 / year or $200 / month.  (This is a limited, introductory price)

We recommend putting 10% of your portfolio in this service

What you get

Up to 20 short-term trades per month in leveraged Stocks and ETFs.

When you get it

Short-term trades 2-5x/week + a weekly market video update. 

Why you want it

Leveraged instruments help you turn higher risk into higher rewards.

What will you get?

We’ll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain terms.

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Easy, Awesome, Daily Guidance

Buy signals direct to your phone and email. We tell you exactly what to buy, the price to buy it at, and the stop to set when relevant. 


Access To Our Preferred Brokerage

Do not want to trade this program yourself? We have you covered. Once purchased ask about our preferred broker who can trade this on your behalf. 

😜 PLUS, you get

Up to 20 Trade
Alerts a Month!

A Return Aim of 120% Per Year.

Recent Trade Analytics

We’ll step aside and let the results speak for themselves

+ 132 %

iShares 20 Plus year Treasury bond ETF

+ 216 %

Western Alliance Bancorporation

+ 100 %


+ 109 %

iShares Silver Trust

+ 182 %

Advance Auto Parts

What do you have access to with a Digital Options subscription?

  • 2-5 short term trades a week. 
  • Once a week market commentary and analysis
  • Option for automated trades with a designated broker. 
    • This is the 'set it and forget it' option. The broker will go over your trading amounts, thresholds, and risk tolerance. Trade responsibly.
  • Text message alerts for new trades. (coming soon).
  • Once a week video updates from the team going over what we are seeing in the market and our positions.
  • Up to 20 trades a month.
  • No more than 5 positions held at one time and they are held for a few weeks at a time.

Advantage of Trading Digital Options

Invest in Options with more Confidence

Expert Analysis

AI + Human backed trades

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Buy, sells and limits delivered daily

High Win Rates

Trades routinely exit for gains north of 80%

Build Income For Now and Wealth For later – in Minutes a Day

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🤟 The bomb aka that big ol Markman bundle

Want the perfect portfolio?
Get our Big Ol’ Markman Bundle, aka The BOMB!

All this for $604 $500/month

That’s a savings of over 20% off the combined subscription price when paid annually

Plus Icon
Foundational ETFs
Baseline for building wealth and daily market update
$29/ Month
Digital Creators & Consumers
Flagship service explains Wall Street and recommends the 3% of stocks that don't suck
$75/ Month
Digital Leverage
Leveraged trading creates income for now and boosts nest eggs for later
$200/ Month
Digital Futures
This is our touch of spice, the vehicle to drive way larger returns much more quickly.
$300/ Month