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Tactical Options

Systematic, opportunistic approach to short-term trading of low-priced large-cap equity options. Daily delivery.

Our Team of options professionals focus primarily on low-priced, near-month, slightly out of the money, high-volume calls and puts. This approach keeps our recommendations affordable and obtainable -- paying the least possible for time and taking advantage of volatility.

Tactical Options has put up stellar results since inception in 2012.

And 2020 was our best year yet, with a 944% gain on modest compounding.

Here is a quick synopsis of some previous years.

-- 2012: 50.6% avg gain in 55 plays for total gain of 2,680 percentage points
-- 2013: 30.2% avg gain in 175 plays for total gain of 5,282 percentage points
-- 2014: 17% avg gain in 137 plays for total gain of 2345 percentage points
-- 2015: 23.8% avg gain in 145 plays for total gain of 3,456 percentage points
-- 2016: 34.4% avg gain in 40 plays for total gain of 1,343 percentage points

Most of our recommendations are straightforward directional bets, but on occasion we will also recommend spreads that are easy to understand and implement. When volatility is elevated, we will also sometimes recommend shorting puts rather than buying calls to pursue a bullish stance, so make sure your brokerage account allows this type of play.

Recommendations are primarily sent via midday emails. Expect contact at least three times a week, though when markets are active we will email every day.

Our letters are very straightforward, no-nonsense instruction sets -- no long discussions of news, valuations, sentiment, conditions or technical arcana. They are intended for busy people who just want to make money in options. 

To get started and sign up, press the button in the upper right of this page.

If you have any questions, email or call (206) 651 4566. 


Past results are no guarantee of future returns. All accounts may not achieve comparable results. Options trading involves the risk of substantial loss. Tactical Options recommendations are leveraged and speculative, so only use risk capital - i.e., money you can afford to lose. All results are shown ex-commissions and fees.