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21 Tech Stocks for 2021

Thanks for requesting the slide deck in my presentation at the virtual MoneyShow on Jan. 13.

I have placed it on a Dropbox share so that you can study the ideas. Click here to view.

The big idea is that the worlds of business, entertainment and social interaction are undergoing a major transformation from analog to digital. ... Handwritten letters have been eclipsed by email, Netflix has eclipsed movie-going, Spotify has eclipsed CDs, Peloton has eclipsed the gym, Amazon has eclipsed the mall. ... You get the picture.  

Most of the companies behind these big changes are public, and have been staples of my newsletter customers' portfolios for yearss In just the past 10 months, our members have enjoyed a 700% gain in Peloton, a 250% gain in Trade Desk, a 257% gain in Zoom, a 121% gain in Spotify ... and many, many more.

We believe the great Digital Transformation is the most important investment theme of the decade, with the capacity to earn patient, growth-oriented independent investors real fortunes over time.

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