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Invariant Futures

Commodity futures provide a path toward higher portfolio returns for market participants willing to accept more risk. They seem scary at first, but most newcomers come to realize that they are like driving on the freeway vs. taking surface streets: the action is faster, but if you stay in your lane and keep calm, the pace becomes normal and you arrive at your destination sooner.

Invariant Futures provides short-term timing research for commodity contracts initiating or extending price trends. Our research is easily implemented at authorized brokerages. We offer three bundles of three diversified contracts each -- Invariant E20, N20 and Y20 -- plus one bundle, A60, that includes all nine contracts. Cost is $275/month per program.

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Strategic Advantage (Equities & 3x ETFs)

Our flagship service, Strategic Advantage provides an entertaining, opinionated, educational daily commentary on economic, corporate, geopolitical, influences on markets. It also provides a systematic approach to buying stocks and 3x ETFs for both short- and long-term capital appreciation. Cost is $399/year.

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Counterpoint Options

CounterPoint Options is the first leading newsletter that focuses on helping individuals trade volatility in a consistent, disciplined, profitable way through calls and puts on major market indexes such as the SPDR S&P 500 fund (SPY), the PowerShares QQQ (QQQ) and all SPDR sector funds. Cost is $999/year. 

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Tactical Options

Tactical Options focuses on trading options on the equities of major U.S. companies. Our proprietary research combines insights from behavioral economics, statistics, non-linear mathematics and physics to help us find opportunities to go long calls and puts in big companies like Microsoft, Boeing, Pfizer and Nvidia. The program seeks to make around 40% per trade in about a week, and regularly tightens stops to preserve capital. Cost is $999/year.  

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Tech Trend Trader

This newsletter focuses on all tech, all the time -- large, medium-sized, and small stocks, plus recent IPOs. We provide picks for long-term appreciation, seeking to take advantage of the amazing new era characterized by the Internet Shockwave -- artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars, the cloud, 5G and more. Publishes twice per week and maintains a portfolio. Cost is $750/year.

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The Power Elite

Most companies suck, and so do their stocks. This monthly letter is devoted to finding, highlighting and recommending the 40 or so companies that are the best stewards of investors' capital. It maintains a portfolio of 15-25 stocks for long-term appreciation. Cost is $27/year.

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