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February 1: Weekend update



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Dangers and opportunities emerge every day in today's fast-moving financial markets. That's why Strategic Advantage is published daily with up-to-the minute insights on economic, political, cultural and technical events that affect investments. Subscribers learn to make serious money using our proprietary, proven StrataGem stock-picking approach, which focuses on helping you buy cheap, global, low-volatility growth stocks on the verge of a breakout. Subscribers also learn to build the world's simplest - and quite possibly best - ETF portfolio. Plus, we are not afraid to recommend that you build sizeable cash reserves during difficult periods. Click here for a free 2-week trial or subscribe now!

Daily Delivery

Since most investors think about their investments every day, especially in these tumultuous times, Strategic Advantage hits your mailbox each night with news, data and insights that you won't see anywhere else. Jon Markman draws on three decades of experience as a journalist, analyst and fund manager - and his contacts at funds and research firms around the world - to deliver smart, witty, provocative commentary that is not just prescient, but also fun to read. You'll learn about developments affecting your StrataGem and ETF investments, as well as about stocks and sectors to avoid, and newsmakers to watch. You'll also receive in-depth profiles of companies we recommend, as well as executive interviews. Our readers say it's the best 1,000-word daily vivisection of the market available anywhere, at any price.

StrataGem Portfolio

Our trademark stock portfolio is an enhanced and streamlined update of the renowned StockScouter rating system that Jon Markman invented and co-developed at MSN Money in 2001. It is geared to systematically discover cheap, fast-growing, low-volatility stocks in favored sectors and market-cap groups, and steadfastly avoid expensive, slow-growing and volatile stocks in unfavorable sectors. StrataGem has averaged 25% annual growth from mid-2001 through mid-2008. Our M1 version recommends 10 stocks per month to buy and hold for a month. Our M6 version recommends 5 stocks per month to buy and hold for six months. The strategy works well in bear markets, and excels in bull markets.

Super-Simple ETF Portfolio

Our ETF portfolio is geared to take advantage of our investment insights with just four to six exchange-traded funds at a time. The focus is on long-term trends, so we aim to hold positions as long as possible, leveraging monthly signals from our proprietary model and our management team's insights.

Click here for a free 2-week trial or subscribe now!