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Stocks recommended in our letters can be traded at any full service or online brokerage. These videos show step-by-step trade instructions with examples from letters. Blog posts explain how recent trades were set up and played out. The podcasts provide audio updates on recent plays. 
Make Food Stocks a Portfolio Staple

There are few things more essential than food and drink, so in tough times, keep it simple and buy what everyone needs, says Jon Markman.

The Perversity Of The Markets - #NotesFromMyScorecard
The Perversity Of The Markets - #NotesFromMyScorecard

If you like what you have read here try our options letter, Tactical Options, is up more than 3,000% since January 2020 with modest compounding.... To earn more with finite risk, click here for a free Tactical Options trial. … And if you would like to learn about having your Tactical trades executed by a professional broker,...

Markman in a Minute
Weekly review/outlook for the US stock market.

Options recommended in our letters can be traded at any brokerage. Specify in the application that you plan to buy "naked" calls and puts, which are options in which you do not own the underlying stocks.

Dead-On Dendreon

Jon Markman was rightfully wary of the FDA decision on Provenge. An options trade could have prevented today's shareholder misery.

SPDR Industrials calls up 31%

We just completed a successful trade in SPDR Industrials October $54 calls. XLI is an exchange traded fund comprised of all the industrial companies in the S&P 500. Top holdings include General Electric (GE), 3M (MMM), Union Pacific (UNP), Boeing (HON), Honeywell (HON) and Caterpillar (CAT). The fund had flattened out for the two weeks prior...

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Setting "Limit on Close" Orders

Learn a handful of unique but simple techniques from our MCI Tradecraft series. One of the most common is setting "limit on close" orders.

Introducing Magnitude VX

A few days ago, we announced a change to futures system subscriptions at Markman Capital Insight. Now I would like to take a moment to explain the change in more detail.The new system generating buy and sell decisions is called Magnitude. Its origins are in earthquake science, and it leverages advanced mathematics and behavioral finance principles...

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